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What a Buyer Should Expect During the Closing.

The last step in the home buying process is commonly referred to as the closing. The close of escrow is when all steps—from acceptance, title search, inspection, mortgage approval, and so on— come together in a final transaction. Documents are ready to sign, the buyer is ready to hand over the purchase price and the seller is ready to transfer title. And most importantly, the keys!


It usually takes about an hour and may be attended by some or all of the parties involved: buyer, seller, real estate sales professional, attorney and title company representative. The buyer reviews and signs the loan and real estate documents and pays for the property, closing and other costs.

Assuming that the funds are in order, the deed is correct and the title is clear, the final step is the disbursement of funds to the seller. The title company should have the funds in its possession, but the buyer needs to bring a cashier’s or certified check for the down payment and the closing costs if it was not included in the mortgage loan. If the buyer’s annual real estate taxes and homeowner’s insurance will be paid through the lender, an escrow account will also be established.

Once all the papers are signed and funds are disbursed, the buyer receives the keys and is now a homeowner.

Do you want to add some Spring curb appeal to your home?  Here are a few ways to give your home a Spring makeover, without breaking the bank.Affordable Ways to Give your Home a Spring Makeover #askshan

  • Paint the front door.  Any bright color will do – red, turquoise, green, yellow, your choice! 
  • De-winterize the yard.  Remove dead branches, weeds, fallen leaves and other signs of winter.
  • Add some flowers.  Choose any brightly colored annual flowers for instant curb appeal.  Fresh mulch also makes a home look like it is well maintained.
  • Clean up the concrete.  Has winter weather made your entryway look dingy?  Pressure wash or scrub away dirt for a clean look.
  • Get a new doormat.  If your doormat is looking worn out, time for a fresh update!  A new doormat is an affordable way to make your front porch welcoming. 

For more ideas, follow my Pinterest Board.  What is on your home improvement list this Spring?