Tips for New Home Buyers (Part 3 of 3)

In this blog series, I’ve shared my tips on what to do before signing a contract on a new home and what to do after signing your contract.  Here are my tips for right after you close on your new home.Tips for Home Buyers (part 3)

  1. Test everything.  Once you move into your home, test out all of its features to make sure everything works properly.  Plug something into the electrical outlets, try out all of the appliances, flush all of the toilets, take a shower in all of the showers… you get the idea.  In case there are any issues, it’s easier to get them fixed if you report them to the builder as soon as possible, rather than months later.
  2. Save your manuals. Make sure you keep all manuals that come with your home, including all appliance manuals, home warranties, or homeowners association guidelines. It’s easy to misplace these important documents when you move, so keep them in a set place because you will definitely need them at a later time. Make sure you fully understand the warranties the builder has provided for your new home and who to contact in case a problem arises in the future.
  3. Beware of bugs.  All the time your new home is being built, the homes of hundreds of insects and rodents are being unearthed and destroyed.  You’ll soon find that they’re invading your home for shelter. After finding several scorpions in my first home, I was ready to move. So the second time we built, we sprayed the inside and outside perimeter of the house with insect repellent.  I suggest doing this right before you move in so you don’t spray around your furniture, pets, or children.  Otherwise, I highly suggest investing in a pest control service the first year.
  4. Try a DIY project.  Showroom Garage FloorsWhen we bought our last home, we closed mid-week, but waited a few days to move on the weekend. We used one of those days to tackle a do-it-yourself project while the house was empty.  We painted showroom floors in our garage, which was surprisingly easy to do.  This task was also much easier since the garage had never been used!
  5. Stick to a decorating budget.  Anytime you move into a new home, it is tempting to start decorating every room and filling it with new furniture.  Create a budget for home decorating and determine which areas of the house are priorities.  This can help you avoid going far into debt.  Take your time filling up your new space and enjoy it!

What other tips do you have for anyone buying a new home?  I’d love to hear them!

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